We are most fortunate to have a wonderful team of dedicated, passionate and professional teachers employed at New Hanover Preparatory School.

Within our small school environment the teachers are afforded the opportunity to be creative and innovative in their teaching approaches, they are provided with the opportunity to develop themselves both professionally and personally and are able to share their passion for teaching and their faith with the children. Our teachers assist in creating an environment in which the children feel safe, are encouraged to try and can flourish. We are blessed to have a perfect setting to instil sound values that will remain with our children throughout their lives.

Aside from the necessary professional qualifications, skills and experience, staff members are recruited for their emotional intelligence, their love for young people and for the subjects they teach. Being a smaller school, they are able to get to really know and understand everyone in their care, enabling them to find ways to get each individual to recognise their self-worth and to believe in their ability.

Our teachers certainly ensure: Self-growth in the formative years.

Our Team:

Pre Primary Staff: