New Hanover Preparatory is an English medium school offering German, Zulu and Afrikaans as additional languages. New Hanover Preparatory employs the National Curriculum Statement in its high standard of academic excellence while adapting to current trends in education.

A high calibre team of dedicated and professional staff facilitate learning in inspirational ways. Class sizes allow for individual attention and effective learning. Support teachers further enhance the learning process. Children’s strengths in various areas are recognized and developed. The philosophy in New Hanover Preparatory is to help each child reach their full potential.

New Hanover Preparatory enhances the belief that not all children learn in the same way. Howard Gardener’s theory of Multiple Intelligences suggests that different individuals exhibit different kinds of intelligences. These different “smarts” include logical-mathematical, interpersonal, bodily-kinaesthetic, intra-personal, musical, linguistic and visual-spatial intelligence. Techniques to help each child learn in ways that are best suited to their “learning styles” are continually being honed in and out of the classroom environment.

As part of our strong Christian heritage, Bible-based teaching is offered by local Pastors and teachers alike. Life skills form an integral part of all experiences at our school from Grade R to Grade 7. A variety of excursions and activities provide opportunity for developing and practicing these skills. Each grade has relevant outings according to their theme and syllabus.