Foundation Phase

Our foundation phase teachers provide a caring and nurturing environment for our young children, where boys and girls are extended and developed and given a real academic, social and emotional foundation before moving into the Senior Primary phase of the school.

Our classrooms and idyllic surrounds provide the perfect setting for all the exciting learning that lies ahead. It also enables us to ensure a happy, vibrant school with lots of activity, fun and interactive learning. The development of a positive self-esteem is critical in this area and creativity, the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills are taught, encouraged and developed. Children are taught to work both as an individual and in groups, in order to learn co-operation, tolerance and communication skills.

Each class throughout the school has an interactive whiteboard and all classes attend IT lessons in the Computer Lab including; Coding, Animation, Presentations and Picture & Video editing, to ensure our children stay up-to-date with technology and learn the fundamentals of working with computers.

We strive to provide a balanced, holistic education. Most of our foundation phase classes are involved in performing a termly play which enhances and focuses on the theme they have been taught for that term. The Junior Primary really builds on the initial foundation laid by the Pre-Primary teachers. It is a happy, exciting place and a perfect child-centred environment for our children to lay their “Foundations for Life”.