Foundation Phase

For children to excel on their educational journey, a solid foundation is crucial. Our dedicated Foundation Phase teachers are committed to providing a quality, hands-on education where children can develop and unlock their potential in a caring, child-centred and nurturing environment.

Our lively, cross-curricular approach teaches children transferable problem solving skills, giving real-world meaning to learning experiences, increasing engagement and rigour. Our combination of knowledge-based and skills-based learning transforms learners into critical and independent thinkers, enabling them to easily adapt and thrive in the 21st Century. Children are encouraged to be creative, to discover and explore, helping them to gain confidence and find joy in learning.

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Foundation Phase 2
Foundation Phase 4
Foundation Phase 5

Our unique curriculum includes an introduction to three additional languages, Afrikaans, Zulu and German, as well as cultural enhancements, such as playing musical instruments and drama performances. Added to this are vibrant sport and progressive IT programmes. An entrepreneurship initiative provides further opportunity for experiential learning.

Gaining understanding of children’s specific learning styles and intelligence strengths provides insight and enhances learning retention. Individualised learner support is provided on campus, where necessary, to maximise skills and abilities. Children are equipped to live healthy, happy, balanced and successful adult lives through character education and social and emotional development.

We aim to lay the building blocks upon which learning can take place, thus empowering our learners holistically to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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