Learning through Play!

Our philosophy in educating our children in the formative years is: “Learning through play”. It forms the foundation for the holistic growth and development of all children who pass through our doors at New Hanover Pre-Primary.

Running, jumping, playing, seeing, doing, touching, feeling, listening…..LEARNING!

At New Hanover Pre-Primary we are committed to providing a warm and caring environment where our children are able to feel secure and happy, and are able to realise their full potential in terms of intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.



Our carefully planned and developmentally sensitive programme, caters for 3-6 year olds equally, invites creativity and curiosity into the learning process and amongst other things promotes confidence, self-discipline, independence, problem solving skills and language skills.

Our exemplary, dedicated teachers are totally committed to helping each child realise his/her full potential, by providing exceptional education.

Our daily program includes a substantial amount of time for free play, which encourages hands on discovery and experimentation, using the whole school’s facilities and equipment. This free play allows children to develop their balance, co-ordination, cognitive ability and creative as well as fantasy skills. Our daily formal time allows children to spend a more structured period with their teacher. This is an opportunity for the teacher to address certain concepts and skills in language, mathematics, creative arts, music, movement, life skills, physical development and environmental awareness.

Our Grade RRR, RR and R programme, is based on the Early Childhood Development Curriculum Model, and is complemented and enriched by the excellent “Time2Read” Literacy Programme and the Early Years, “Key To Learning” Curriculum. This provides a unique, developmental, cognitive curriculum proven to bring unrivalled quantum leaps in children’s learning abilities, resulting in exceptional academic, social and personal success.

We endeavour to provide a loving, nurturing, fun-filled and curiosity driven environment, where children develop a love for learning and an appreciative outlook on life, others and the world around them. Through this we intend to equip the children with the necessary, foundational 21st Century skills, to master the future.