Senior Primary

Classes at New Hanover Preparatory are small, with an average of 17 pupils per class, allowing for individualised attention from our dedicated teachers.

At New Hanover Preparatory there is one class per grade. It is here that pupils are further exposed to a diverse range of educational experiences to enrich their early school days and extend their abilities. (Information and Communication Technology, Art, Drama, Music and Physical Education are all part of the daily programme.) Problem-solving, individual thinking and creativity are encouraged. Feedback from high schools indicates that our pupils have a high work ethic and are confident young adults with independent thinking and studying skills. English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, German, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Drama, Art, Music, Physical Education, Information and Communication Technology, Social Science, Natural Science and Robotics are some of the subjects our children are exposed to.

School tours and excursions are an integral part of New Hanover Prep. with every class going on termly day outings as well as at least one overnight tour. These outings not only enhance learning and give the children an opportunity to express themselves in different surroundings, but also create an opportunity to make life-long memories.

Caring for others is a way of life at New Hanover: Grade 1 pupils are paired with a Grade 6 “Buddy” to ensure that they feel secure as they explore their new environment. At NHP we believe that the role of educator is a shared partnership between parents and our teachers. Regular contact and discussion is encouraged and balanced with various formal consultations and meetings throughout the year.