Cultural activities are an integral part of the classroom and school environment. The curriculum is enriched through activities that develop the imagination and inspire creative minds. Active participation in a variety of cultural programmes, including educational productions, mimes, role-plays, assemblies and puppet shows encourage growth in confidence.

The colourful, child-friendly classrooms are evidence of each individual’s artistic expression. The fourth term sees various cultural activities including flower arranging, Baking, and needlework. Each year our children participate in a Hobbies and Clubs Day at the school as well as a school market day.

Chapel services are enhanced by the harmonious sounds of musical instruments, accompanied by the beautiful church organ.

Ballet is offered on campus by a qualified professional.

New Hanover Prep’s choir practices exude sounds that underline the balance that exists in our school. A balance that we believe is critical to each individual’s development.

Our Cultural Activities: