Student doing art in art class

Our new ‘state of the art’ light and spacious art room provides the ideal space for the children to explore and enhance their creativity. The aim of Art at a prep. school is to unlock each child’s unique talents and to expose them to different techniques and materials, and to equip them to express themselves in an independent, ‘out the box’, creative fashion.

The children are exposed to various art techniques, helping them appreciate different art forms and to be inspired in their own work. The children are encouraged to practice their observation skills as well as put their hand to some abstract work. Art is an extremely important subject to be taught to our children in the 21st century, as it develops fine-motor skills and creative thinkers.


Children throughout the school have class music lessons once a week where they are exposed to singing, music theory and various instruments. Lessons for various individual instruments are offered, privately, at the school in the afternoons.


Despite providing relief from the confines of a formal classroom environment, and also giving children an opportunity to express themselves in a more physical way, Drama is not just a ‘free’ lesson. It is a structured lesson which requires discipline and develops not only their performance skills, but their personal and social skills too.

Drama is a vital subject in that it develops self-confidence and a multitude of other skills which are so important in today’s society. As a lot of the class work is done in groups, it encourages tolerance, acceptance, public speaking and management/negotiation skills, patience as well as the ability to think creatively and on-the-spot. These are but a few of the skills that are developed and are necessary throughout life in jobs that involve other people.


While “Fostering self growth in the formative years”, New Hanover Prep. strives to foster a sense of empathy for others. In so doing, children are involved in various outreach programmes in nearby schools and other areas of the community.

Being a part of the Outreach Club at New Hanover Prep, involves caring, compassion and acceptance of others. The children are taught to take others’ needs into account and to ‘Reach Out’ to others. When we can encourage kids to be involved in something as valuable as outreach, it builds their self-esteem. Learning to empathise with another person means learning to ‘walk in their shoes.’ It means being able to recognise and value their feelings and needs, even though they may be different from your own.