Bush Buddies

Our Bush Buddies environmental club is a vibrant, active and very enthusiastic group. Besides being actively involved in promoting the environment and learning more about it, through lessons and inviting guest speakers to address them, the club also takes part in various excursions each term. A highlight is always the overnight excursion in the fourth term. What a fun way to learn!

At NHP we are proud participants in the ECO-SCHOOL’S programme run by WESSA. We have been a member of this initiative for many years, receiving our Bronze, Silver, Green and Gold flag status’ a few years ago. In 2015 we were awarded our INTERNATIONAL ECO-SCHOOL’S status. A very proud moment for us all.

Schools involved in the Eco-school Programme are awarded a flag for each year of sustained effort:

  1. Platinum Flag – 5 or more years
  2. International Flag – 5 years
  3. Gold Flag – 4 years
  4. Green Flag – 3 years
  5. Silver Flag – 2 years

Bronze Flag – 1st year of success in meeting awards requirements through portfolio evidence

Platinum Flag – Here We Come!