An important part of New Hanover Preparatory School’s philosophy involves creating an awareness of the needs of others.

While “Fostering self growth in the formative years”, New Hanover Prep strives to foster a sense of empathy for others. In so doing, children are involved in various outreach programmes in nearby schools and other areas of the community.

A wonderful, empowering message for kids is that they’re important enough to have an impact on someone or something else. Taking others’ needs into account, for the members of the new Outreach Club at New Hanover Prep, involves caring, compassion and acceptance of others.

The Outreach Club often interact with the children from the Benjamin Generation, an orphanage in New Hanover. They played ball games with the children and also spent some time picking chillies and peppers thus assisting with creating revenue for the centre.

The Outreach Club are also involved in collecting non-perishable foodstuffs for families in need and spending some time at the local Retirement Home. When we can encourage kids to be involved in something as valuable as outreach, it builds their self-esteem. Learning to empathise with another person means learning to ‘walk in their shoes.’ It means being able to recognise and value their feelings and needs, even though they may be different from your own.