FAQs / Quick Facts

General Questions.

What denomination is New Hanover Preparatory School?

We are a Christian school. We do have a close affiliation with the United Evangelical Lutheran Congregation (UELC).

Do we need to belong to the Church to join the school?

No. New Hanover is a Christian school that welcomes others from all faiths and religions who are willing to share our values and way of life. Our religious heritage is central to our school, with the beautiful 160-year old Church set fittingly in the centre of our grounds.

Are school and Church assemblies compulsory?

Yes. We have assembly every day. Monday -Thursday at school, Friday in the church. Assemblies and other school gatherings begin with Bible readings and prayer and often have a biblical message as their theme.

Is the school run by the United Evangelical Lutheran Congregation (UELC)?

No. The school is governed by a Board, and is operated through a management structure.

How many children are there per class?

The average class size is 17 pupils per class.

What is New Hanover's policy on bullying?

New Hanover Preparatory has a policy of a “Hurt-Free Environment”. We do not tolerate bullying or harassment. Respect for others is expected.

Is New Hanover Preparatory School concerned about manners?

Absolutely. Our children are expected to behave in a respectful & polite manner in the classroom, on the sports field and around the school at all times.

Is Music offered at New Hanover Preparatory School?

Yes. The boys and girls have class music lessons where they are exposed to singing, music theory and various instruments. Lessons for various instruments are offered, privately, at the school in the afternoons.

Does New Hanover Preparatory have a Community Outreach program?

Yes. The children are reminded of those less fortunate than themselves with a program throughout the year.

Does New Hanover Preparatory offer scholarships?

Yes. Please see our Fees & Financial Information page or our Application Procedure page on the web site for more information.

Pre-Primary (Grade RRR – R)

Do the pre-primary children wear a uniform?

No, they can wear civvies clothing. This must be practical, casual and hardwearing.

Is there Aftercare for working parents?

Yes, children, however need to be collected no later than 17h00.

What are the school hours in the pre-primary?


Junior Primary (Grades 1 & 2)

What are the school hours?

Monday & Wednesday 07h50-13h30, Tuesday & Thursday 07h40-13h00 followed by sport from 13h00-13h45, Friday 07h50-13h00.

Is there Aftercare for working parents?

Yes, children, however need to be collected by no later than 17h00.

Senior Primary (Grades 3 – 7)

What are the school hours?

Grade 3-7: 07h50-14h00; (Sport commences at 14h05 until 15h30 on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon). On a Friday afternoon school closes at 13h30.

What stationery must my child provide?

Grade specific stationery requirement lists are issued to parents at the end of each year and/or on application.

What must my child wear?

Please see termly uniform requirements under Info / Uniforms.


Do you offer boarding?

Yes. Private boarding is available for children in Grades 5, 6 and 7 at the boarding establishment situated in Wartburg.