This year has been somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster for everyone. There have been so many significant changes in such a short space of time. A global pandemic, the ensuing national lockdown, the sudden transition to online education, wearing facemasks, the list goes on and on. The New Hanover Prep. staff have undertaken these challenges in an admirable manner, showing their adaptability, professionalism, dedication and above all; love for the children in their care. They have gone beyond the call of duty in order to ensure that the excellent standard of education provided is upheld, and ensuring that each child feels loved and cared for during what has been a rather disruptive year. As a school we recognise and appreciate the considerable effort that the staff have put in over the past few months, and are aware of the additional stress that these changes have placed on the staff, who are trying to maintain stability within their family lives too.

In the interest of uplifting staff morale, Headmaster Mr. John Love arranged a picnic and valuable staff development workshop. Members of the NHP Parent’s Association kindly arranged lovely pre-packed picnic boxes as a treat for the staff, who enjoyed catching up with one another in the beautiful school gardens (with social distancing in place of course!). Pastor Udo Lὓtge conducted the workshop entitled “Life, Growth and Dealing with It.” He
shared words of wisdom and advice which encouraged the staff to stop, reflect, and deal with certain situations which we are faced with in life, especially, over the past few months.

We are so grateful for the incredible team of staff that we have at New Hanover Prep. and although they are giving so much of themselves to uplift the well-being of the children, it is important for us to look out for, and build up their morale and well-being too.