Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the National Lockdown period, the NHP school board made a
decision that the second term would commence via home-based online learning on Monday, 20 th
April 2020. This transition to online learning was an enormous challenge that the teachers have
embraced and tackled whole-heartedly. The staff have spent many hours being trained on how to
use the various online teaching platforms ensuring that, as a school, we continue to provide an
excellent standard of education as well as constant support and guidance to the children while they
are learning from home.

According to acting headmaster, Mr John Love, the first week of online learning has gone very well.
The children, staff and parents appear to have settled into a routine and are finding their feet using
the various systems. The school has received positive feedback from parents with regards to the
amount of work and standard of content uploaded for the children.

A challenge that we are faced with at the moment is that some of our NHP children do not have
access to a computer or internet at home. The teachers are doing their best to try and make
provision for children in this position so that they do not fall behind with their school work. The
school would like to appeal to the greater NHP community in this regard. If anyone has an old laptop
or tablet that they would be willing to lend to a family to use for this period, please can you kindly
contact John Love via e-mail: jlove@newhanover.co.za.

New Hanover Prep. would like to extend their sincere gratitude firstly to the staff, who continue to
go above and beyond the call of duty for the children in their care, and secondly to the NHP families
for their support and understanding during this time of change and uncertainty.

When the time is right, we look forward to having the children back at the school, seeing their happy
faces, hearing their laughter and feeling the love and life pulse throughout the school again. Until
then, we encourage everyone to stay calm, safe and positive. This too shall pass.